Revit Furniture Analysis

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See all unique furniture families in a Revit model

Over modeled furniture and lighting families slow down a revit model quite a bit, this tool extracts these families and sorts them by complexity to inform a team on what elements to clean up first.

Component List

Addition x2Area x2Bounding Box x1Bounds x1Box Corners x1Concatenate x10Create Set x1Deconstruct Brep x2Deconstruct x4Dispatch x4Division x2Document.Elements x1Domain Components x1Element x3Element.CategoryFilter x1Element.Geometry x1Element.ParameterGet x1Equality x2Flatten Tree x4Gradient x1Graft Tree x2List Item x7List Length x4Maximum x3Member Index x2Merge x2Move x3Multiplication x1Negative x1Number Slider x7Number x3One Over X x1Panel x13Replace Items x1Scale x1Scribble x16Sketch x2Sort List x3Split List x1Square Root x1Square x1Subtraction x2Text Join x1Text Split x1Text Tag 3D x1Text x3Trim Tree x1Ungroup x2Unit X x1Unit Y x1


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