Revit Room Animation

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Animate Revit room geometry

Deploy Rhino Inside from within your Revit file, this tool animates Revit room geometry and tags it with the room names.

Component List

Addition x1Area x2Colour RGB (f) x1Create Set x1Deconstruct x1Dispatch x1Division x1Document.Elements x1Duplicate Data x1Element.CategoryFilter x1Element.Geometry x1Element.ParameterGet x1Equality x1Gradient x1Graft Tree x1List Item x8List Length x5Member Index x1Model.CategoriesPicker x1Move x2Multiplication x2Number Slider x6One Over X x1Panel x4Round x1Scale x1Scribble x10Series x5Sketch x2Sort List x2Split ARGB x1Subtraction x2Text Tag 3D x1Trim Tree x1Unit Z x2XZ Plane x1


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