Revit Room to Bubble Diagram

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Turns Revit room boundaries into rounded filled regions

Open Rhino Inside from within your revit model, navigate to the view that shows your rooms and where you want to make filled regions, this tool reads the department parameter of the room and creates rounded filled regions, the filled regions must have the same name as the department parameter in your rooms.

Component List

Active View x1Area x1Brep Edges x1Create Filled Region x1Deconstruct Brep x1Deconstruct x1Dispatch x3Document.Elements x1Element.CategoryFilter x1Element.Geometry x1Element.LogicalAndFilter x1Element.ParameterGet x1Element.SelectableInViewFilter x1Equality x1Explode x1Fillet x1Find Filled Region Type x1Join Curves x1List Item x1List Length x1Merge Faces x1Model.CategoriesPicker x1Null Item x1Number Slider x1Panel x5Scribble x7Sketch x2Sort List x1


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