Rhino to Revit Massing Tool

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Transfer Rhino Geometry into Revit

Open Rhino Inside from a new Revit model, open the attached Rhino file, then open the attached Grasshopper file, the geometry will be transferred into Revit. Be sure to enable mass visibility in visibility graphics in revit.

Component List

AddBuildingPad.ByOutline x1AddDirectShape.ByGeometry x2AddFloor.ByOutline x1AddTopography.ByPoints x1Brep | Brep x1Brep | Plane x1Construct Point x1Contour x1Cull Duplicates x1Divide Curve x1Document.ElementTypes x2Document.Levels x1Element.ParameterGet x1Geometry Pipeline x3Length x1List Item x1Model.CategoriesPicker x2Panel x6Project x2Scribble x10Sketch x2Solid Union x1Value Set Picker x1XY Plane x1


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