Development Roadmap

Keep tabs on how we are doing to resolve issues and add features as Pylos grows and evolves.

We have high hopes for what Pylos can become and have a lot to do to get it there. This development roadmap identifies issues and future features that we plan to add to the platform. It acts as our active "to-do" list of sorts for the project and we will do our best to keep it updated.



  • Add live search to listing pages for active search. Start with a /search page for testing, etc. Done on homepage


  • Ability to edit a block
  • Image manager / ability to add a new image
  • Video support (youtube/vimeo oembed)
  • Add "it works?" thumbs up/down voting mechanism with comment (and screenshot upload for issues?)
  • View control by access feature for outside users
  • Add live search of existing tags for tags, dependencies, and project fields for import and create pages
  • Label/warning when blocks are more than 2 years old, ask if user wants to refresh
  • Add video thumb to image carousel
  • Edit tags


  • Add videos to image tabs for steps
  • Add thumbnails when guide has more than one video/image
  • Edit tags
  • List tags and other missing metadata

Design Explorer

  • Edit dataset page
  • Add title to design explorer view
  • Ability to create sets
  • Autodelete after 3 months, extend by 3 months
  • Download as zip function
  • Copy to other user function or give access
  • List datasets as table/list below 6 latest "featured" datasets


  • Set up test page
  • Data upload (duplicate DE)

Metrics Glossary

  • List of metrics with storytelling impact of each
  • Defaults folks should use for computational design analysis


  • Edit form to block listing pages, set to always edit instead of a create-edit scheme


  • Add view page
  • Add create page
  • Set up edit functionality
  • Start with PDF, add tags, et al.

Bug Tracker

Since this is a pretty informal project as web development comes, we'll keep track of bugs here. It's quick and dirty and likely to be forgotten as things are resolved. Anyone can edit this page as well as they see fit as a way to communicate with Sean to get 'er done.

  • All tags page should show list of all tags instead of blocks with "all" as a tag
  • Remove placeholder content that doesn't work (i.e. add a version list on single block page)